People seem to complain about the fifth book more than any of those in the Harry Potter series. Some claim it to be the point of decline for the books, many detest the angsty protagonist, and I feel the need to defend poor little fifteen year old Harry. So here's why JK Rowling's characterization of Harry Potter in OotP is perfectly reasonable:

  • He just witnessed his parents coming out of a wand, people who've been dead for basically his entire life, and who he used to spend hours staring at in a mirror.
  • He was attacked by soul sucking, depression inducing wraith like figures, who tend to bring back images of his parents' murder, and then nearly expelled for defending himself.
  • His most beloved parental figure (Dumbledore) is ignoring him.
  • He witnessed the most evil wizard in the world come back to life, and nearly died in a duel against him, and people are calling him insane for telling the truth.
  • He's in the tabloids as a liar.
  • The new teacher absolutely hates him, and in detention he writes with his own blood...
  • He's forced to take extra classes with a teacher that despises him, by someone who's refusing to acknowledge him.
  • The girl he likes used to date a boy he watched die.
  • He sucks at romantic situations.
  • The most evil wizard of all time is in his head. Like, INSIDE his head, making him think bad things and stuff.
  • He dreamed that he killed his best friend's dad, and then woke up, and it kind of came true.
  • He's ridiculously hormonal, and trying to lead as normal of a life as possible for a teenage boy wizard who's constantly in the public eye.
  • Once again, he's a teenage boy. Teenage boys are angsty enough without ALL of the crap he was dealing with.

So, can we all give the angst basket a god damn break?

Also, a note on OotP as a whole, for those who dislike it.

  • Umbridge is one of my favourite characters in the series, because she's so well constructed. I hate her so much, but she's amazing, you can't deny it.
  • Dumbledore's Army. Luna Lovegood. Grawp. Sirius. Umbridge. Fred and George leaving. This book is filled with amazing things, even though some of them are painful to read, it makes the book awesome, and one of my favourite. Top 7 for sure.
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