• My laptop doesn't have a firewire connection
  • I procrastinate too much
  • I go to sleep too late
  • I don't eat healthy
  • I don't actively try and stay fit
  • I don't work hard enough towards what I want to achieve, and I often fall short because of that.
  • I reply to instant messages immediately, and then wait ages for the other person's reply; wondering if they are going to.
  • I say "effing" and "freaking" a lot instead of the actual word -> I don't express myself very well.
  • I bite my nails
  • I don't practice guitar, and then get annoyed about not improving
  • I want to do well in school, but often I won't work hard enough to do that (like in Chem...)
nov 22 2009 ∞
may 25 2010 +