• Room 6 They sell tons of organic, fair trade stuff. Go Green!
  • Regional Assembly of Text Quaintest store ever. I don't know of any other store that sells typewritters ink things.
  • Once upon a Huckleberry Bush -It is a childrens book store, however they have the best teen novels as well.
    • Unfortunately it closed due to lack of business.
  • The Grind.(Do not mistake for the chain: daily grind unwind. It is superior)You can find it on Main and king edward ave. in Vancouver, Canada. It serves the most ├╝ber amazing hot chocolate ever, and it's an art gallery too.
  • The Blue Door I literally buy all of my jewelry gifts here. It has really unique pieces.
    • Online only
  • Front An amazing store that sells new and used clothing, and really cool jewelry.
  • Blue Parrot CafeThe best coffee shop at Granville Island, with great hot chocolate and an amazing view.
  • Paper-Ya Similar to regional assembly of text. They have an amazing collection of ink quills, wax seals, and journals.
  • Urban Outfitters Great clothes, although expensive. If you're willing to sort through the sale items there are some great buys.
  • ifound gallery All vintage jewelry. Cheap, and awesome finds.
dec 26 2008 ∞
apr 1 2011 +
user picture Anna: Now I can figure out where you live! >D If I didn't already know, that is. dec 28 2008
user picture Nathalie: stalker.
user picture Anna: You know it.
user picture Anna: And BTW, did you mean to say "quaintest" when you typed "quantist"?
user picture Nathalie: shoot. I didn't notice that one.
user picture Audrey: I LOVE THE GRIND, best place to chill and have chocolate whipped cream, RAT rules as well, we should go to the letter writing event on the first thursay of december! It's FREE! OOO, we can use their typewriters to type out x-mas messages while sipping tea! nov 28 2009
user picture Nathalie: What time is it? I'll definitely come if it's a time I can make!
user picture Audrey: I think it starts at 7 or 8 in the evening? Not sure. I'll find out.