Not necessarily funny...

  • While walking with Anna at Stanley Park, discussing what we would do when we got to the bridge that was coming up.
    • "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it"
  • While reading the back of Reid's book. (Incidentally, this is after him insisting there's no such thing as a good reid/read joke)
    • "The Wall Street Journal says it was a pleasure to read"
  • With Anna after soccer practice, having been told by Mr. Pears that soccer has to be our priority, we joked about talking really loudly so he'd hear us and know it was our priority, hoping that would help us get on the team.
    • "Nathalie, I hear you normally have debate after school on thursdays" "Why, yes I do Anna. But I won't be going, because SOCCER IS MY PRIORITY. And don't you normally babysit after school, Anna?" "Yes, Nathalie, but I won't be able to once soccer starts." "Why's that, Anna?" "SOCCER IS MY PRIORITY, Nathalie" "Well Anna, it's my PRIORITY too." "Hear that Mr. Pears? It's our PRIORITY."(and it continued...)
  • Going to Julia's house, Liam remarks.
    • "Julia's name starts with 'Ju', and she's Jewish."
  • On MSN with Reid, and Anna
    • Me: I'm pretty. (next message) outspoken. Reid: Ohhh... I was confused for a second
    • Then the next day on msn. Me: I'm pretty (next message) bad...
  • Getting a ride with from Calvin, with Anna. He left a newspaper on the back of the car and as we were driving he looks back and comments "Oh no! The newspaper!" Low and behold, a newspaper scattered all over the road. Ridiculously funny.
  • Waiting for the train at a canada line station, to go to Tiff's party. On the subject of Kiah's boobs Jason Li points out that "big boobs mean she would make a good mother." and something about "More cushin for the pushin".
  • Calling Reid about going out for sushi, he says it's 4:oopm. My reply, "oh, it's only 4? I thought it was 3:57!".
  • Nathalie: I really they we should play... Liam: NO! I'll lose. Nathalie: Well it's a good thing it's a song I was talking about.
  • Me and Jasmin are baking a cake. Me: I made you some milk, if you didn't notice. Jasmin: *stare*
  • Anna's uncle: That game... Dead Birds? us: You mean Angry Birds?
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user picture Lord Marcus: I believe it was something to the effect of "More cushin for the pushin" nov 14 2010
user picture Nathalie: Oh yes. :D That was funny.
user picture Jason: It’s interesting and fun to see things from the other side of the gender coin. It’s often not too terribly different.Thanks, friend. jan 1 2011