Now that IB's almost over, I guess I can see what I've gained from it?

  • A ridiculously awesome and nerdy group of friends (BAM!)
  • Kind of gained a social life? Funny how that works...
  • I'm better at writing essays ...hopefully.
  • I don't gripe over grades so much, now that they're so low.
  • Improvement on oral presentations...again, hopefully.
  • A love for the UBC koerner library, and MICROFILM! :D
  • I know a lot about early 20th century women in Britain, specifically in the years leading up to and during the first world war... which I'm kind of really proud of.
  • I'm still taking a science and math course, which might be useful later on in life? no? okay.
  • Read tons of awesome books - 1984, Fahrenheit 451, the outsider, Hard Times, A Fine Balance, to name a few.
  • I developed a keen interest in film, which I would have never considered otherwise.
  • CAS vaguely made me try new things, in the sense that it was added incentive- ASL, corset etc.
  • TOK- it's really interesting.
  • A new appreciation for procrastination and list making.
  • ONLY TWO MONTHS LEFT!!! ( and a bit) EDIT : 16 days of class EDIT: One exam left. WOOOOOOT. EDIT: done. woot.
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