Maybe it's because it's 4am, or maybe it's because there's a Harry and the Potters concert tomorrow, but I'm feeling awful sentimental about Harry Potter at the moment. I need to write her a letter, even if I never send it. It just needs to be written.

  • The lessons I've learnt
  • The friends I've made
  • The music
  • The theatre
  • The love
  • Harry Potter
  • The attachment that's culminated over the years
  • The midnight releases
  • The endless discussions
  • The bonding with parents
  • For something to keep me busy in museums
  • For the laughs, and the pick up lines
  • Quidditch
  • For showing me what friendship means to me
  • The community
  • The tears that I can't stop
  • The movies
  • QUIDDITCH; like I freaking play Quidditch.
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