understanding yourself

  • understand your habits, interests - both self-reflection and garnering feedback from others
  • make a list - both what you're looking for and what you want to avoid

improving yourself

on socialising

  • join social circles that align with your interests
  • mix with people who are supportive of your goals and interests
  • always express gratitude to what others have done - be it through word of thanks, a note, or a favour

on relationships

  • take care of yourself first, and do not pretend all is well if it isn't
  • little details go a long way to build rapport
  • trust is a feeling rather than what we do - always communicate and express
  • even after expressing how you feel, give yourself a deadline to have things worked out - otherwise, move on
  • plan for the future together
  • improve together, help one another out
  • join one another's circles
  • set a fixed interval to bond and communicate
  • don't give excuses on behalf of others
  • focus on being happy - live in the present, for not all happiness comes from living for the future
  • be thankful for growth and lessons others have taught you
  • keep finding yourself, always

on self development

  • read more books
  • save up for your goals - never too early
  • think of big goals to achieve - plan small steps by setting daily goals
  • start with what you're good at, and step outside your comfort zone gradually

pampering yourself

  • sleep is of utmost importance
  • be mindful of hygiene
  • always tidy yourself up - even if you're not going out or meeting people

conditioning yourself

on reflecting

  • reflect on what you're giving - do they want it?
  • think of what you can be thankful for - growth, joy and beauty in the world. What's going right? What's working?
  • recall times where you were most motivated and productive - what happened then? what was your mindset like?
  • look at and develop role models - in what way can they make you dream bigger?
  • think of what keeps you going - not a goal that has an end, but a deeper reason that lasts
  • review your goals frequently

on forgiving

  • no one knows what the future holds
  • stand in their shoes and rationalise - but don't be trapped in emotional blackmail

on letting go

  • some things simply do not have an answer right now - instead of focusing on the problem, let go
  • our problems are only insignificant compared to the universe
  • our problems are only insignificant a few years down the road - life is too short and there is not enough time
  • keep a distance from overly negative people
  • learn to be content for what you have - you're much more privileged than others
  • law of attraction - avoid thinking negative thoughts that attract negative energy. Think of positive expressions to attract positivity

on affirmations

  • change is the only way to improve - you can rest, but staying there forever will only lead you downhill. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable - what you want is always out of reach, but you will work towards it and achieve it
  • do not be shy to be your best - you're doing this for yourself
  • remember your light, the world needs it
  • repeat your goals often - in present tense
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