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Some things you should probably know before following me:

  • I am against self diagnosis sorry I've had way too many ppl co-opting autism and ocd as a trend to care at this point
  • I talk about my boyfriend a lot!! I also call out hypocrisy of the LGBT community re: my boyfriend + my bisexuality a lot!!!!
  • I tend not to use trigger warnings (and there's a whole load of reasons for that)
  • I don't like ""shade"" culture/personal call out culture/pettiness/general unpleasantness
  • I'm rly shy so i apologise if I come off as a bit aloof at times. I'm always eager to make new frienderinos!!
  • I sometimes post vaguely???? NSFW stuff
  • Politically i identify as a slightly left leaning libertarian & egalitarian but I follow ppl from all around the political spectrum who I may often disagree with!! following=/=endorsement

pls don't follow me if:

  • You're intentionally a dickhead to people
  • You speak over csa survivors (I'm looking at you anti-kink ppl)
  • You're a paedophile (I can't believe this needs saying but here we are)
  • You're biphobic (@ members of the lgbt community)
  • You care more abt labels (e.g. feminism, etc) than ppl's ideas
  • You follow pseudoscience (anti-vax, anti gmo, etc.)
  • You support doxing
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