i rt a lot and sometimes i vent on the tl

slight nsfw warning, who knows

i kinda just tweet abt whatever i want and sometimes thats not animanga since thats not all im into

not part of any specific "fandom" my twitter is rly not at all organized but its a good time i swear

also i tend to livetweet whatever content im indulging in so im sorry if you see spoilers....i'll try to keep it to a minimum



  • do NOT follow me if youre younger than 16-17
  • do NOT follow if u fit the usual criteria (transphobic, racist, homophobic, pedophile, support trump, romanticize abuse or incest, defend abusers) in any case i'll end up hardblocking you regardless


  • interact w me and my tweets! i love it
  • talk to me abt shared interests/characters/shows its my fave thing
  • give me recommendations on things
  • softblock to unfollow
jun 7 2020 ∞
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