• A Little Ways Down the Road
    • Baekhyun doesn’t know what hits him when his soulmate comes crashing into his life in the form laughters, long walks and unwashed hoodies. Especially when he never asked for one.
    • Chapters: 2/2 |
  • A Pirate's Sanctuary
    • Baekhyun's father always warned him against getting involved with pirates—his brother, too. And yet there was one pirate that he just couldn't find it in himself to stay away.So he didn't.
    • Chapters: 1/1 |
  • Acquired Taste
    • Baekhyun believed it was Henri Matisse who said that "creativity takes courage." Thomas Merton stated that "art enables us ...
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♥ Meanie ♥ (Kim Mingyu/Jeon Wonwoo)

  • 13 (AU) (G) (Kim Mingyu/Jeon Wonwoo)
    • When The Crow’s Nest hires a new bartender, Wonwoo is determined to find out why he’s a nonmagic. When Mingyu starts his new job, he’s trying (and failing) to keep up with the drinks the head bartender keeps teaching him -- and the ones he keeps giving him.
      • Chapters: 12 | Status: Completed
  • Spit out the sun (AU) (NC-18) (Kim Mingyu/Jeon Wonwoo)
    • Seungcheol snorts at him. “One, I’ve never tried to get into Wonwoo’s pants. Two, you’re still a rookie kid, don’t go boasting about something you’ve only been doing for a few months—” Mingyu opens his mouth to protest, “and three, you’re a real work in progress, Gyu...
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♥ Kaisoo ♥ (Do Kyungsoo/Kim Jongin)

  • Rookie (AU) (NC-18) (Do Kyungsoo/Kim Jongin)
    • _ "You're nothing but a rookie designer." "At least I'm not the kind of model who eats his fame off the clothes I did" Famous. Respected. Brilliant. Kim Jongin is known in the modelling industry as the prodigy whom every model had been looking up to. Born with a perfect jawline and a body whom everyone lusts for, he was the cover of every magazine photo. Even if his face was plastered on every nook and canny, he still couldn't find the person who broke his heart long ago.Sarcastic. Savage. But creative. Do Kyungsoo arrived as the newest designer for EX'ACT Clothing, hoping he'd be able to fufill his dreams. Being creative and passionate as he was, his works was immediately recognized for its unique beauty. However, when his work...
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