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i tend towards angst/drama and don't really indulge in fluff - just thought you may need to know? basically, please read fic tags and warnings before giving anything i rec a try. - tin @ lj

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these are my top personal favourites across all of my fandoms, or alternatively, fics close to my heart that i would keep under my pillow forever. (no particular order) keep in mind that you should at all times check fic warnings.

  • tsn: mark/eduardo
      • by devoidly@lj
      • prompt fill: Mark has an unrequited crush on Eduardo which Eduardo decides to exploit when Mark tells him that's he is going to get left behind.
      • (10k, M, one-sided love) Incredibly memorable, well-executed tricky narration. 2018/09
  • hp: james severus/scorpius
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this is not going to be organized... also, this is far from complete? faaaar from complete?

  • Boy Falls From the Sky
    • In which Divya Narendra is an evil mastermind, Sean Parker seems like a supervillain and Eduardo can't go to Palo Alto because he's too busy in New York being Spiderman.
  • the secrets you don't show
    • Mark's checking him out. Eduardo wants to punch him in the mouth but he's Spiderman right now and not Eduardo and so he can't.
  • superconnected (oflights)
    • Eduardo and Mark share excruciating, debilitating headaches that force them to be in close contact, after years of avoidanc...
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mark t. y.

  • gryffindor. cabin 1. scorpio. ISFJ.


  • (stupidly in love with) mark/ed, a/j
  • writing, literature, cardistry, drawing


  • james s./scorpius (yes), thiam, flintwood, jarchie, drarry, ziall, lilo, chansoo.


  • inexorably @ twitter
  • tin @ dw
  • weremark @ tumblr
  • were @ ao3
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  • likes: i like these, and some of them I like unhealthily.
  • kinks: these i love even more unhealthily than the previous category. ((but really i'm quite vanilla))
  • dislikes: i won't read these on my own, but i wouldn't mind too much if they're recced to me.
  • squicks: i won't read these. at all.


  • soulmates AU
  • slow burn
  • fairy tale AU
  • superpowers AU
  • harry potter AU
  • childhood friends AU
  • hurt/comfort
  • unrequited love
  • actually unrequited love
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these are fics i thought were incredibly memorable, beautiful and well-crafted. Multifandom.

  • tsn: mark/eduardo
    • TOUCH
      • by a_jejune_star@lj
      • prompt fill: Mark and Eduardo’s post-laptop-smash hate!sex makes a bad situation worse. (This is) how they find their way back to each other.
      • (17k, E, hate/hurt/comfort) Raw, visceral and heartfelt. (please check fic warnings)
      • by aroceu
      • In this world, your words are supposed to mark the moment you know you are in love with your soulmate. But Eduardo already ...
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