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i tend towards angst/drama and don't really indulge in fluff - please read fic tags and warnings before giving anything i rec a try.

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these are my top personal favourites across all of my fandoms, or alternatively, fics close to my heart that i would keep under my pillow forever. (no particular order) keep in mind that you should at all times check fic warnings. I repeat.... Please take the time to check fic warnings .

  • tsn: mark/eduardo
      • by zauqo
      • summary : I'm not going to post this. Not that anyone would read it if I did, but Eduardo might. But he won't, because I'm not going to post it. I guess I already said that. I may be slightly drunk right now. Or, Mark gets drunk and examines his feelings post-dilution, pre-depositions.
      • (1k, T, blog entry) I don't know how someone managed to hurt me in as little as 1k...
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this is not going to be organized... also, this is far from complete? faaaar from complete? Also I loved these quite a lot... 99% of these are very reread worthy.

  • A Stormy Kind of Love
    • But now there's one thing Mark knows for sure. It's not just rain. It's never been just rain. (or: ain't love the sweetest thing?)
  • All that is left is all that I hide
    • Written for this prompt: Mark hires a prostitute that looks remarkably like Eduardo. The paparazzi spot them out somewhere. Whether the pics end up online or Mark's people manage to kill the story in time is entirely up to you, but Eduardo has to find out somehow.
  • and if I don't make it know
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mark t. y.

  • gryffindor. cabin 1. scorpio. INFP.


  • (in love with) mark/ed, a/j
  • writing, literature, cardistry, drawing


  • james s./scorpius, thiam, chansoo.


  • tin @ dw
  • monarchs @ ao3
  • inexorably @ twitter
  • thesoulnetwork @ tumblr
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these are fics i thought were incredibly memorable, beautiful and well-crafted. Multifandom.

  • tsn: mark/eduardo
    • TOUCH
      • by a_jejune_star@lj
      • prompt fill: Mark and Eduardo’s post-laptop-smash hate!sex makes a bad situation worse. (This is) how they find their way back to each other.
      • (17k, E, hate/hurt/comfort) Raw, visceral and heartfelt. (please check fic warnings)
      • by aroceu
      • In this world, your words are supposed to mark the moment you know you are in love with your soulmate. But Eduardo already ...
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  • likes: self-explanatory
  • dislikes: i won't read these on my own, but i wouldn't mind too much if they're recced to me.
  • squicks: i won't read these. at all.


  • soulmates AU
  • slow burn
  • fairy tale AU
  • superpowers AU
  • harry potter AU
  • childhood friends AU
  • hurt/comfort
  • unrequited love
  • actually unrequited love
  • breakup
  • post-breakup
  • slave AU
  • prison AU
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