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— [♡] ; even if saving you sends me to heaven

niniburger follows:
  • All the Years of Us
      • 142.6k / taekook / zombie au
      • From the moment a new family hobbled into town, having come a long way for sanctuary, Taehyung had eyes only for Jeon Jungkook.
  • I'm Your Umbrella and the Rain
      • 271.1k / yoonmin / gang au
      • Sweet High School teacher Jimin marries scary Mafia Boss Yoongi and this is the tale of their unconventional domestic life.
  • But I Still Want You
      • 33.0k / taekook
      • mafia au
      • After breaking into a building own by the feared tech gang, the Kim Group, Jungkook found himself on a run to escape from being caught that brought him to walking all alone in a deserted highway. That was when he received a free lift from a passing driver named Taehyung without knowing the real danger that awaited him.
      • 72.4k / taekook / a silent voice au
      • rec'd by jade!!
      • If you slap a jester's hat on the monster in the closet it ceases to be scary but to itself, it will still be a monster. If Jeongguk opens his palms he closes them instantly because he doesn't like the ugliness he sees. The neon light leaks through his pores and he ceases to be bright. Pain changes people. It certaintly changes Jeon Jeongguk.
jun 1 2019 ∞
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