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heyo, i'm aiace. this is where i put a bunch of random info about myself, as well as bios for everyone in my system

warning: some triggers may be mentioned in the bios, but nothing too descriptive


age: same age as body (born 14/02/2002)

gender: nonbinary trans guy

sexuality: pan/homoflexible aroace

pronoun preference: he/him, but doesn't dislike they/them or other, more neutral pronouns

most people call him ajax but his first name is aiace. people in the system often call him jay.

- - - - - - - - -

switch triggers

  • ajax fronts almost all the time yikes
  • but if he's not fronting, his FOs will probably make him
    • more than once someone else has started playing a video game or watching a tv show with a character he loves in it and he's switched smh
  • other stuff he's interested in works too. especially hyperfixations,,,


  • adhd as a personality trait
  • fairly socially awkward and socially anxious. also just normal anxious
    • either talks way too much or doesn't talk much at all
  • he's not triggered too easily, but please be aware of his triggers, because if he's triggered it can get pretty bad
    • he's very bad at saying no or expressing discomfort when it comes to people he cares about. he might say he's fine or that something isn't bothering him, but that doesn't really mean anything. he's rather suffer than risk upsetting someone who matters to him
  • weird empathy. either near apathetic or hyper-empathetic, depending on the situation
  • has anger issues, but is usually decent at dealing with them
  • he has some weird self-image complex... he thinks he's a bad person but like. also the best. it's odd... but he hides it as much as he can, so he doesn't really come across as self-centred or anything
  • he's a pagan, and he likes chaos magick. he doesn't talk about this much
  • he's also otherkin and believes (for the most part) that his kins are past lives
  • irl he's fairly private. he doesn't like to talk about his personal issues or beliefs much (and especially not in public). he's not great with pda or any situations that give random strangers irl insight into his life


  • try to avoid mentioning any of his triggers without warning. also, he's not great at comforting people when they're sad. he's not very comfortable with sadness. he won't tell you you're making him uncomfortable, but try to be aware of it
    • anger is fine. if you're pissed and you wanna vent that's all good, but sadness is a bit of a slippery slope
  • try not to embarrass him? a bit of joking on his behalf is fine but seriously he'll react much more negatively than you'd expect
  • acting friendly is good!!! ajax is super awkward and socially anxious so if he's nervous and you act friendly it helps a lot
    • that being said, physical affection isn't always okay. if you're interacting irl, make sure he's comfortable with something before you do it


  • if you're talking to him, you'll probably notice him occasionally mispronouncing things and mixing up his words, as well as loosing his train of thought and missing things you've said
    • make sure he's properly paying attention before you start speaking (give him time to stop what he was doing). he cannot process speech properly while doing something else
  • he has echolalia, though it's not super obvious
    • it gets a lot more obvious when he's super upset (he stutters and repeats his words)
    • if he's doing something stressful he'll probably say something along the lines of 'oh dear, oh gods, oh my gods, oh dear, oh gosh, oh my, oh yikes' and repeat it ad nauseam
  • he uses a lot of abbreviations and emojis
    • ^^ and ^^; and :) and xD
    • sometimes types ck as cc (ex. hecc, heccin')
    • he says aaa, heyo, henlo, lmao, lol, lololol, rip, smh, yikes, and oml/omg a lot (he does this irl too not just in text)
    • he'll say gods instead of god (oh my gods, etc)
    • he'll use ;;; or ,,, instead of ...
    • adsfhdjlkjbkfashl keyboard smashes
  • says y'all and prolly (so much slang;;; a nightmare oml)

- - - - - - - - -

placement: ajax is the host and most likely the core. many of the others are seen as relations or variations of him.

  • xander: older brother figure
  • pete: little brother/what ajax was or could have been like as a kid
  • cat: another sort of variation on ajax? less similar than pete
  • lily: no real defined relation
  • alex: twin. alex seems younger and is more traumatized
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