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heyo, i'm aiace. this is where i put a bunch of random info about myself, as well as bios for everyone in my system

warning: some triggers may be mentioned in the bios, but nothing too descriptive


age: a bit older than the body, maybe around 18?

gender: nonbinary guy

sexuality: aroace? idk man, he hates people

pronoun preference: he/him, they/them, or it/its. no real preference between these.

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switch triggers

  • whoever's fronting being angry/frustrated/upset
  • if someone (ajax) is upset and won't do what it takes to get out of the situation, xander will
  • violence
  • sh/blood/etc


  • he doesn't like people
  • apathetic
  • angry
  • he'll say "mean" stuff about ajax and some others in the system, but he's always looking out for us
  • he doesn't like most people, but if you're not hurting us he'll try not to be a jerk
  • he likes ranting because his other anger outlets are very unhealthy
  • he likes the body's parents even less than the rest of us
  • he's fairly blunt, he'll probably tell you to back off if you cross any lines
    • when ajax is upset because of an argument or something xander will cut in and other person to stop whatever they're doing
    • xander is very blunt especially when he's fronting bc of an argument. he'll put an end to things asap & won't tolerate mind games or going around in circles
  • he has a 'masculine' personality, if that makes sense


  • try not to be offended by his attitude. it's just how he is
  • if he's upset, trying to comfort him won't do any good, he'll be offended that you saw him as 'weak' and 'emotional'
    • trust me on this. hearing him out is your best bet if you wanna make him feel better, but sympathy will only make it worse
    • reassurances and stuff will not help
  • acting overly friendly isn't a great idea, especially if you're acting like his friend because you're friends with ajax


  • swears a lot
  • he stands differently;;; more confidently i guess?
  • he doesn't use a lot of slang or abbreviations
    • he has a very detached and formal way of speaking. you might notice him switch in when ajax is upset because all of a sudden the way we speak/type will be very blunt
  • has a habit of saying something super rude and then apologizing immediately after
    • probably by saying something like "ugh fuck, sorry"
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