kundalini in Hinduism refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine.

The Egyptians placed the snake on the forehead to symbolize that they had awakened their own kundalini Energy. Accomplishing this had changed their entire being down to DNA and cellular levels. Once this was done they no longer considered themselves humans, they were now Gods. Your nervous system is the physical manifestation of the kundalini serpent.Consciousness manifests in your nervous system, but your body is just a computer on neural hardware simulating a living identity.

The serpent also symbolizes etheric energy. In the Old Testament, Moses fixed a bronze serpent to a cross and any who gazed upon this serpent would be healed

You can awaken your kundalini energy by releasing it from the base of your spine and up through the 7 chakras.

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i. flowers

  • got7 yugyeom, ot7♡
  • wjsn seola, dayoung, yeoreum, yeonjung, ot13♡
  • blackpink rosé
  • nex7 quanzhe
  • nct lucas, jisung, mark, ot18♡

ii. sprouts

  • dreamcatcher siyeon, yoohyeon
  • nine percent ziyi
  • eunha gfriend
  • twice momo, jihyo
  • pristin jieqiong

iii. seeds

  • wanna one jihoon
  • stray kids jisung
  • momoland ahin
  • red velvet seulgi, yeri
  • pentagon wooseok, hongseok
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studio ghibli movies watched.

  • ☑ spirited away
  • ☑ my neighbour totoro
  • ☐ kiki's delivery service
  • ☐ porco rosso
  • ☐ ponyo
  • ☐ castle in the sky
  • ☐ grave of the fireflies
  • ☐ the tale of princess kaguya

i hope one day you have the courage to run away from everything that makes your life miserable.

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  • chilling adventures of sabrina
  • american horror story: apocalypse
  • meteor garden
  • the code
  • queer eye


  • thank u,next by ariana grande
  • almost love by sabrina carpenter
  • soulmate by zico feat iu
  • lost in japan by shawn mendes
  • i can't help falling in love with you elris presley
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