cdc | who | march


  • majority of americans told to stay at home
  • other countries are praying for us
  • l.a. & nyc: face masks in public
  • surgeon general wants national say at home order
  • pence blames cdc & china
  • hydroxychloroquine trials
  • 6.6 million file for unemployment
  • one million known cases of coronavirus worldwide
  • democratic national convention august 17


  • china donates ventilators to new york
  • i went to the grocery store today. a lot of people were wearing masks, but the store was very crowded. apparently everyone decided right when the store opened at 7am was a good time to go. so then about an hour later we all stood in line - a cart apart! - for the check out that wrapped around the entire store. people were waiting outside to be let in.
  • now everyone has to wear masks. (except trump, of course)



  • hydroxychloroquine? trump says yes; doctors aren't so sure
  • boris johnson in the icu
  • "they've just cancelled wimbledon for the first time since world war ii and some of you still believe you're attending festivals this summer, okie doke." (@thej2ocean via twitter)


  • the "stupid" navy captain incident
  • fauci: no normal until vaccine
  • memos predicted the pandemic in november


  • fauci: we shouldn't shake hands ever again
  • milestones for lifting stay at home restrictions (american enterprise institute)
    • hospitals can safely treat patients without resorting to crisis standard of care
    • states able to test everyone with symptoms
    • states able to monitor and trace cases
    • 14 day reduction in cases
  • cdc guidelines for essential workers who may have been exposed
    • DO: take your temperature before work
    • DO: wear a face mask at all times
    • DO: practice social distancing in the work place as work duties permit
    • DO NOT: stay at work if you become sick
    • DO NOT: share headsets or other objects near face
    • DO NOT: congregate in break rooms or crowded places


  • death toll is more than 100,000 people


  • u.s. surpassed italy and now has the most coronavirus-related deaths in the world


  • trump halts who funding
  • study: social distancing may be needed until 2022


  • reopening plans in the midwest (???)
  • dr. oz wants schools to reopen because only 2-3% more people could die x


  • people are protesting (what, exactly, i don't know)


  • u.k. begins human trials
  • people in india can see the himalayas for the first time in 'decades'
  • dr. rick bright (led the federal agency involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine) was removed from his post, he says for not endorsing hydroxychloroquine
  • fauci: Coronavirus will come back in the fall
  • someone in the califoria bay area died feb 6
  • two cats in new york are the first pets to test positive
  • places are reopening tomorrow (???)


  • trump suggests injecting disinfectant into body to fight the virus (lmao what)
  • businesses reopening in georgia
    • anticipation of death toll doubling
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