• jung jinsol
  • june 13th 1997 (21)
  • police officer
  • pansexual
  • 166cm
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  • i wish this was carrd... i wish it was so bad... but unfortunately i don't know how to use carrd, so sorry for my ugly listography.
  • nsfw plots are fine as i am of age, so is my fc.
  • i sleep a lot, so if i'm not replying i'm sleeping.
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  • jung jinsol was born in seoul, south korea. her father is the chief superintendent general of the city, so automatically jinsol knew about the police service as soon as she was born, and she knew it was something she wanted to be a part of somehow. her parents had met when her father was just a regular police officer and her mother was an assistant inspector. their jobs took up most of their time, and jinsol wasn't planned, but they love her anyway and take good care of her.
  • jinsol was always a bright student at school. even if she got things wrong, she'd never give up. she had a lot of friends and was part of many different clubs throughout her whole time in school. people looked up to jinsol, and she was always willing to help anyone out. jinsol would even stand up to bullies, and sometimes this would get her in trouble if she tried to...
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  • jinsol's probably one of the kindest people around. she loves to make friends and loves to talk to people.
  • jinsol can be a little gullible at times. it's a weakness of hers.
  • jinsol loves animals. when she's on duty, she'll often be found saying hello to any dogs or cats she sees.
  • jinsol is lactose intolerant, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying ice cream.
  • jinsol has been dyeing her hair blonde for a while now. her parents didn't approve of the drastic change at first from black to blonde, but eventually they began to like it.
  • jinsol's favourite colour is blue.
  • jinsol is fascinated by the moon.
  • jinsol has a pet fish, a blue betta, called sid.
  • jinsol drives a black kia optima. her squad car is a hyundai sonata.
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  • "...so you're saying you drove into the wall because you saw a squirrel in the road and didn't want to hit it?"
  • "i'm not allowed to use my taser without permission."
  • "don't ask how i got stuck up here, just help me down."]

things you could ask jinsol

  • what's the worst thing you've ever had to deal with as a cop?
  • can you tell me about your fish?
  • how did you end up becoming a cop?
  • what was it like training to be a cop?
  • favourite animals?


  • a friend from school (any gender, preferably between 20-22)
  • a friend from police uni (any gender, any age)
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