• jinsol's probably one of the kindest people around. she loves to make friends and loves to talk to people.
  • jinsol can be a little gullible at times. it's a weakness of hers.
  • jinsol loves animals. when she's on duty, she'll often be found saying hello to any dogs or cats she sees.
  • jinsol is lactose intolerant, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying ice cream.
  • jinsol has been dyeing her hair blonde for a while now. her parents didn't approve of the drastic change at first from black to blonde, but eventually they began to like it.
  • jinsol's favourite colour is blue.
  • jinsol is fascinated by the moon.
  • jinsol has a pet fish, a blue betta, called sid.
  • jinsol drives a black kia optima. her squad car is a hyundai sonata.
  • jinsol's never had a girlfriend or boyfriend before. she's had crushes, but most of them were "pretty person on the bus who i've seen once then will never see again" or "someone cute i saw on the street and accidentally stared at for too long".
  • she has an extremely soft spot for girls. she'd prefer to have a girlfriend, but is fine with whoever she eventually ends up with no matter what gender.
  • from a young age, jinsol has had issues with her eyes. she mostly wears contacts, but when she can't be bothered to put them in, she wears glasses. she occasionally gets eye infections and needs to wear an eyepatch.
  • if jinsol isn't at home, the police station, or out on patrol, she's usually in the gym or a coffee shop.
  • jinsol has basic police training. she knows how to use a taser, how to fire a gun, self defence, how to take someone down and arrest them, and how to perform special maneuvers during car chases. she's also very good at climbing trees to retrieve cats that have gotten themselves stuck.
  • although jinsol is good at putting on a brave face, she occasionally has nightmares and has mild anxiety from memories of the first murder case she went to when she was training in seoul. she doesn't like to talk about it.
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