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oingo boingo, pearl jam, freddie dredd, xtc, rush, yes, primus, tyler the creator, dave matthews band, mumford & sons, yung gravy, outkast

+ mf doom, childish gambino, ayesha erotica, erasure, bo en, tears for fears, beck, system of a down, new order, steve lacy, mac demarco, flo milli, cuco, weezer, violent femmes, kendrick lamar, regina spektor, marty robbins, temporex, puzzle lastfm

i listen to most genres. if it has a memorable beat ill probably like it. critical of all

genre specific 80s, grunge, prog, alt, rap, pop, ...ska, instrumental, outlaw country, hip-hop

getting into egg, elp, supertramp

jul 4 2023 ∞
jun 13 2024 +