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As a rich, award-winning, singer, dancer, choreographer, song-writer, journalist, korean-canadian rapper, belieber once said, “And that’s a long ass ride.”

BABIE follows:

SURPRISE! :^) happy fourth of july, my love.

to sorta celebrate this holiday as well as have a parting gift, i made you these cheesy open when letters that gross couples make when they're far away from each other. (except it's my version and you're my puppy, so i'm calling it opupwhen.)

i'll be flying away tomorrow and i wanted to leave you with a part of me that you can keep while i'm extra, extra far. it's not anything grand but hopefully it makes you smiley and happy even for just a little. fingers crossed that you like it and you end up using it well! with super slow wifi and an immense time difference, i'm afraid i won't be able to declare my luv as often as i do when i'm closer to you.

don't cause too much trouble while i'm not home, okay?


+ --- the yellow ones (at the top) are time sensitive.

+ --- DON'T open more than one a day!

+ --- you can reread what you open anytime after.

+ --- it's okay if you don't end up opening all of them!

+ --- eye woof u nom nom.

lil goodbye song from babi.

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