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"Hell, I'll kill a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight, or if he bothers me, or if there's a woman, or if I'm gettin' paid - mostly only when I'm gettin' paid." - Jayne, Firefly

"I am like a being thrown from another planet on this dark terrestrial ball, an alien, a pilgrim among its possessors." - Thomas Carlyle

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  • The unflagging popularity of the new Disney movies even though they are OBVIOUSLY made out of cynical corporate formulas rather than any heart, imagination or love of the craft. How does no one seem to see it? How do they get the ratings they do on IMDB, or the comments on their trailers on Youtube? Is the whole internet a lie or are people really going to see these things and enjoying them?
  • The "You're good enough just the way you are" atttitude. No, you aren't! Evolution didn't just dust its hands off at the end of the day, with the arrogance to say, "Yeah, this is pretty much perfect. Solved it! And humans? Oh. Yeah, def the best part. Total masterpiece!" How is anyone buying this wish-thinking tripe? Are people just in such deep despair and terror of the world that they'll cling to any flavor of snake oil peddaled their way?
  • Predatory realtors.
  • Landlords complaining about how hard their lives are.
  • Gaslighting cowardly misogynists, but at least they're getting called out more often.
  • "Good" women who enable trashbag guys by staying with them out of fear of rejection, loneliness or unworthiness. (I know, this is where "You're good just the way you are!" comes in, except that doesn't help, because if codependent and chained to an abusive man is how you are, then "yeah, I'm just doing what feels right now and it's whatever" is NOT great advice for that woman to self-actualize, find a better relationship and force scumbag men to step up their game and at the very least work a little harder to find a woman.)
  • Prostitution is still illegal. There's tons of loser guys who can't be good romantic partners and they would be MUCH better off to the women in their lives if a woman wasn't strapped to them by one-sided monogamy, but they're not necessarily even physically abusive or bad looking. If prostitution was legal and accepted, those fools could just hook up with prostitutes easily and prostitutes would have better looking, more interesting clients and "mainstream" non-pros girls wouldn't be so plagued by these asshats in the dating pool. Maybe. Maybe the incels would also calm down and stop hating women so much and prostitutes would get the love they deserve from relatively OK if socially insolvent guys who at least appreciate them and aren't serial killers. This would likely also reduce the mortality rate for pros.
  • Majority opinion being taken as the "reasonable" opinion. The fallacy that, just because a certain % of people agree with something (like "reading is lame") means that this can now be accepted as an "acceptable" opinion without any self-recrimination. As long as you're not worse than average, you're OK.
  • Average being accepted as good enough.
  • people talking about the 80-20 rule like it's the Word of God. It's not even scientifically established.
  • how children are branded now. Their toys all have names and backstories before the kids ever have a chance to think of their own. Everything is merchandized to children to indoctrinate them in brand cults when their young minds are too vulnerable to prevent it and their parents are so daffy they think it's cute, sweet and harmless.
  • self aware children self-consciously saying and doing things that they believe kids are supposed to say and do in order to get applause and attention from adults.
  • fast food billboards and roadside signs. How are these still legal? Thousands of local businesses have been devastated by corporate monopolies first and then the pandemic second, and yet planet-devastating, eugenics-effecting industrial food monopolies are allowed to advertise in the main place a tourist driving by might learn about a new local spot? Is it because the state or local government selling ad space on those signs sells to the highest bidder and the small timers can't compete with that price point? There should be mandatory space allotted to small businesses, and if not via a freemarket solution, then via a lottery to see who is featured year for year.
  • Google Maps prioritizing large businesses on the map over small businesses when you're scrolling around. If I've never searched for Walmart in my entire life, you don't need to show me Walmart, Google. You're smart enough to recognize a boycott when you see it, but you stubbornly persist in lobbying for hot garbage even you have the power to connect users with the sort of experiences they would like.
  • built in obsalescence in technology
  • the idea of intellectual property and patents. I understand it has its uses. I think it would be interesting to see what happened if it was obliterated, or at least seriously overhauled. The shelf life of a patent should be much shorter to encourage continued innovation and serve as an antitrust security.
  • industrial secrecy. Is there an alternative to industrial competition? For instance, Spotify collects and aggregates massive amounts of user data, we only ever see the tip of the iceberg on their recommendations and yearly analytics. Their actual database and potential extrapolations on the psychological profiles of individual users are actually way more complex and detailed than they ever let on. And we know this because they acquired Echo Nest, which was already pretty Orwellian back in 2014 - see their blog for some of what was under the hood a few years back. As long as they can claim "trade secrets", users can be denied rights to their data. But if that were dispelled, then we would get to know exactly what data these companies were collecting and access it ourselves (thereby potentially benefiting from the insights) and choose whether or not to continue to participate in their marketing research).
  • "It is what it is." <- said with such sagacity like it actually has some deep reverent meaning. Like Buddha on a lily pad. Wtf. That is utterly meaningless. It is what it is until it ISN'T because you got off your butt and did something about it, ya lazy fool. Fix it. Why do people always give their power away? Drift around like jellyfish with no internal locus of control? They give up on thinking things could ever be better because, as long as their apathetic, complacent asses are on the job, things never will!
  • poison ivy and oak. I just hate it!
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