you’re discriminatory in any way

you sexualize minors (fictional ones too)

you don't respect people's pronouns

you use physical or mental conditions as insults

you think misandry racism or heterophobia exist

you like/respect navalny or ignore his sayings and actions against caucasians and islam

you criticize islam or demonize any religion and religious people

you use slurs you can't reclaim

you think caucasian = white (read this

you don't support blm and acab

you’re proship

you think mlw = hetero

trans hcs make you mad

you like makima hisoka reira meimei etc or relate to them in any way

you think feminitives/tone tags are irrelevant

if you found yourself in any of the above PLEASE block me

  • *dnf*

if you’re a kpop only

if you’re younger than 16

if you hate my comfort characters (if you hate mahito it’s fine)

if you have no intentions to interact with me

nov 12 2020 ∞
mar 24 2021 +