• the personality is surrounded by a very powerful field
      • + keenly perceptive, deeply emotional
      • - misunderstood, secretive, turbulent


    • affectionate expression guides you through life. there is an abundant sense of beauty and refinement. needing balance and justice, this is the place of true diplomacy, artful maneuvering, and the ability to see both sides of things
    • there is natural grace, a pleasant manner and true artistic talent. you do not, however, do well with setbacks and reversals. there can be real vacillation, and extreme indecisiveness is evident. sometimes an over thinking element can lead to difficulty
    • will continually avoid strife and create harmony. however people pleasing and skillful, you’re true, life long relationship is with beauty and balance
      • + partistic, graceful, harmonious
      • - flighty, fickle, indecisive, changeable

helpful heart

    • emotionally reserved and understated
    • the self is anchored in servitude and integrity
      • + clear headed
      • - critical, fussy, too self contained
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