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kenzie ☀️ | 26 (oct 29) | she/her | bi | infp

  • hi i'm kenzie
  • i tend to tweet about work/animal escapades
  • i have a bfa and am currently working at a paint-and-sip place as an assistant painting instructor! and also at petsmart, because i need dough
  • born and raised in vegas
  • i like to draw and tweet art sometimes
  • green is my favorite color holy shit
  • i'm pretty shy and a bit of a private person, but i like making new mutuals and friends! i will most likely follow back if we have similar interests/mutuals, or if you interact with me
  • yui shishido from corpse party is my all time fav i just love her so much
jun 1 2016 ∞
dec 31 2018 +
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  • i have three kitties, monet, mochi, and kubo, a bearded dragon, sucy, and a crested gecko, lava cookie
  • i adopted monet and mochi off craigslist when they were kittens, june 2016 and august 2016 respectively
  • i bought sucy in august 2017 and lava cookie in november 2018, both from petsmart
  • i got kubo when he was around four days old in june 2018; he was brought to petsmart because his feral mom abandoned him. i handreared him and you can see his progress on my twitter and instagram!
  • pet count from work (petsmart): 3
aug 23 2018 ∞
dec 14 2018 +
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add me on mobile games!

  • animal crossing pocket camp - 7265 6421 801
  • pokemon go - 7282 6718 8266
  • fire emblem heroes - 8926414671
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dec 11 2018 +
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  • I don’t follow back people under 18.
  • Don’t feel obligated to keep following me, even if we’re in a mutual. If you don't want to follow me anymore, please unfollow, softblock, w/e.
  • I don't mute people I follow, just fyi. If I don't want to see someone on my tl I just unfollow.
  • I can be slow at messages! Don't take it personally, especially if I'm online and don't reply right away.
  • People who try to start shit with me or hatefollow me will be blocked I do not Care about drama I'm just here to have a chill time.
  • I'm bisexual please don't call me "queer" I hate that word
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