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i'm amitie. ami for short. i'm also amikins, amibeans, amisaurus, uh... et cet

  • 16 (08.07.02)
  • Gender: Butch (xe/xem or he/she)
  • double threat mentally/chronically ill
  • please tell me straight up if i do anything to upset you so we can work on it and i promise to do better. i'm very thick-headed so communication is key.


  • if you don't show yourself to be critical of your "Problematique" interests i'm not gonna follow you back
  • i'd prefer adults in the toku fandom don't follow me first
  • i'm a minor but i'm cool with adults following as long as: you don't rt literal porn on my tl and you tag anything gross you tweet
  • i appreciate it if my tweets are liked bc...
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don't follow if:

  • if you support the actual sexualization of kids or are 'neutral' on pedo/csa/incest i want you to die end of story
    • yes this includes the sexualization of newly-turned 18 year olds. they're not suddenly legal for you to make nasty jokes about once they turn 18 don't sexualize high-schoolers you fucking freaks
  • you associate with glitterotic / someone that goes by mob/leo (you'll know who i'm talking about)


  • i have adhd and im super fucking annoying and if im somewhere where there's internet i will literally talk all the time. if youre gonna mute me bc of how tweet heavy i am i'd prefer for you to just sb me
  • i like to interact with people i follow w...
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