• twice. (duh?).
  • skies. anything about the sky basically. the sky itself, the stars, the clouds, the sunsets & sunrises, the moon, just anything. sky-gazing makes me happy.
  • films. movies, tv series, web-dramas (i don't really do dramas since it's too long). rom-com is still number one (typical i know, i don't care), though any genres except horror, gore, and all those scary things are pretty fine to me, (i avoid thriller as well but i mostly still can bear with it).
  • reading. short / not too long stories, poems, poetries. no to too long stories like novels because they bore me out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • writing (anything), singing, playing guitar. though i'm not good at doing those, i still enjoy doing it anyway. (yes i like doing things i can't do, so what).
  • taking photos. of literally anything (except myself lmao) but especially more to the skies / sceneries / other people.
  • astrologies & mbti(s). not that i believe in it, but i really do enjoy reading those kinda things. it amazes me sometimes that it can be super relatable.
  • memes. (lmao let's keep this a secret though cause ya gurl tryna seem cool irl).
  • a lot more which i can't think of rn.
dec 11 2018 ∞
feb 28 2019 +