• i'm elise and i like to get a little crazy :-)
  • im dating my wonderful gf mango i love her so much
  • any pronouns
  • huge lesbian. nb(?) girl
  • i'm a minor (july 23)
  • white
  • danganronpa, disney and monster high own my ass
  • i like cats. i like dogs. i also like to scream
  • i never post and when i do i will spam ur feed
  • important note : i have trauma which i wont publicly disclose and thus i have some things that "trigger" me/remind me of it. if they come up in a conversation i will politely ask you to change the subject, but i won't follow you/i might block you if you regularly post things that i'm uncomfortable see...
mar 12 2018 ∞
dec 6 2018 +