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hi welcome to perry's listography!!

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perry follows:

fun facts !!!

  • i used to play roblox (i rarely play it now)
  • i had a twitter account that it was roblox related (got suspended)
  • i used to make random videos. no one watched them lol
  • i play CPR (my nickname is "Watermelon",i rarely play it now.)
  • i watch anime (rarely)
  • i'm a big fan of oranges and watermelons!!
  • i used to always say "w00t" all the time when i was 11 (stopped at age 12)
  • I used to roleplay on habbo retros. (2013-2014)
  • i'm a big fanatic of Mario and kirby
  • I'm half-tomboy

more fun facts coming soon..

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sep 13 2018 +