• week 0 (january 1st-3rd) » playing quiplash with tanja karin sandra etc over skype; driving back home to my flat
  • week 1 (january 4th-10th) » working on my destiel fanvid; work again on thursday and friday (but not much to do, also still homeoffice); reaching my "write a story with 10k words" goal with my destiel fanfic;
  • week 2 (january 11th-17th) » reinhard setting up my work laptop with me in my apartment; continuing c25k on my treadmill while watching supernatural; planning to maybe go to a supernatural con with tanja
  • week 3 (january 18th-24th) » starting to read the bible; finishing my destiel fanvid; attempting to slowly binge supernatural
  • week 4 (january 25th-31st) » continuing to do very well with my daily habits (e.g. drawing, reading, writing, sport, mouth organ, etc.); picking up tanja at the train station; tanja and me phoning with james and maria; going grocery shopping with tanja; watching supernatural with tanja


  • week 5 (february 1st-7th) » tanja's staying until thursday (watching supernatural and the owl house ; car is broken again but i procrastinate getting it checked out
  • week 6 (february 8th-14th) » dealing with the car trouble (ugh); valentine's day (nothing much happens); binging supernatural quite quickly because i promised tanja to be done by next weekend
  • week 7 (february 15th-21st) » home for the weekend; binging season 13 of supernatural with tanja; playing 5-minute-dungeon with tanja and mom and manual; listening to classic rock while driving back home
  • week 8 (february 22nd-28th) » writing a bit of supernatural fanfiction; texting with a lovely person on tinder; enjoying the first warm weekend


  • week 9 (march 1st-7th) » playing animal crossing again (spring time!); starting my coding project notewalls from scratch; watching a bunch of good mythical morning and listening to kurtis conner's podcast
  • week 10 (march 8th-14th) » exchanging audio messages with a.; playing animal crossing with her; finishing season 14 of supernatural with tanja; amazing nerd quiz online with tanja and her friends
  • week 11 (march 15th-21st) » updating my watchlist on letterboxd; starting to watch movies again; coding notewalls
  • week 12 (march 22nd-28th) » minecraft obsession starting up thanks to minecraft youtubers (dream, georgenotfound, sapnap); playing minecraft with anna; finally spring weather!; tanja comes over; re-watching life of pie with her


  • week 13 (march 29th-april 4th) » tanja is still here but i have to work (homeoffice); driving home for easter; dad hides the easter nests really well;
  • week 14 (april 5th-11th) » home but without tanja and manuel, using plex for the first time; driving home again and more homeoffice; 21p announce new album / relase new song; obsessing about mcyt/dreamsmp; reaching 2k songs in my playlist; discording with anna for the first time
  • week 15 (april 12th-18th) » working on fanvideos, being obsessed with mcyt, playing minecraft
  • week 16 (april 19th-25th) » tanja visits on the weekend (watching ten inch hero, bicycling to the river)
  • week 17 (april 26th-may 2nd) » writing a 5k word fanfic to meet my writing goal of the month with 1 day to spare; meeting anna for the first time: picnic at the lake and watching hollywood


  • week 18 (may 3rd-9th) » writing spn fanfics; watching a lot of mcyt; visiting anna + kissing her! + watching bohemian rhapsody with her
  • week 19 (may 10th-16th) » thursday's free and friday too; driving home for the long weekend; starting to watch tiny pretty things with tanja; horseback riding!!!
  • week 20 (may 17th-23rd) » last week of homeoffice; tanja comes to visit for the twenty one pilots live online concert in the middle of the night; anna comes over (and tanja is still there)
  • week 21 (may 24th-30th) » monday is free; back in the office for the first time!; small get-together after work on Wednesday; homeoffice on Friday and driving to anna at night
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