oh hot damn this is my jam

  • boys in cute skirts (art)
  • D/s, petplay -- but usually in a very marshmallow way as i'm generally not very keen on violent actions?? clear sense of respected boundaries or, alternatively, in fic negotiation of kink & power dynamics
  • slice-of-life OuO
  • domesticity -- cohabitation, cooking/eating together, learning to adjust to other people's habits
  • break up or almost-not-quite-relationship, and then getting together romantically (again?) after time has passed -- after growing up & maturing into people who are more capable of having a relationship with each other that works??
  • ensemble -- even if the main characters are boys pls remember girls!!!
  • fun aus: campy mysteries, steampunk, space opera, folklore & mythology, superheroes, (pseudo-)historical

dislikes, squicks, &c.

  • noncon/dubcon -- includes while under influence of alcohol/drugs/&c. (some exceptions with dubcon-ish fic if fic is exploring issues of consent -- but noncon is typically a hard no)
  • gore
  • character death (i am a soft marshmallow ;;;;)
  • incest
  • bestiality
  • negative comparisons to teenage girls :((( i know it's a common rhetorical device in the romance genre but... i was a teenage girl once... ;;;
  • teacher/student relationships in a conventional school setting (i tend to feel better about more unconventional mentor/student relationships if issue of power dynamics is explored & resolved)
  • infidelity as the main focus (i have rarely, rarely liked items of media focused on infidelity)

on the fence

  • a/b/o
  • genderbending -- i'm not super into "always a different (cis) gender" type of fic? but i am definitely, definitely (!!!) more interested in fic that explores ideas of/around gender!!!
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