• doumeki getting soft bc watanuki cooking dinner for him every night in the home THAT THEY SHARE BC THEY'RE MARRIED I REFUSE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING ELSE [write this maybe??]


  • more kitadai always more kitadai
  • oikawa 3rd rock from the sun
  • AU where asahi is a shy superhero and yachi is an intern at the local newspaper office who finds out his secret. asadai/asasuga/ot3 [write this maybe in like 3000 years when i have time]


  • kiyoshi/hyuuga: sengoku jidai theme restaurant [write this in like 2000 years]
  • aokise: rimming & puns [write this in like 5000 years]
  • aokise: pulp mystery [write this]
  • kikuro: children's author & hs model friend meta fic [write this maybe]
  • kikuro: notting hill au [WRITE THIS]
  • special project 4 lunar [WRITE THIS U ASSHOLE]


  • fukuara: orgasm... control... [write this in like 1000 years]
  • fukuara petplay fukuara D/s fukuara everything bye bye bye
  • "Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé." (Le Petit Prince)

detective conan

  • hawaii wedding murder mystery with barely there kaishin (tantalus!!)
  • magical realist bookclub killer au


  • break-it (not really) fic: ep 12 (and beyond!!) au where viktor retires from competitive skating for good and decides to be primarily yuuri's coach/choreographer (incl. WOMEN'S skating, ICE DANCE!!!, and ice shows)

figure skating rpf

  • how miki ando got her groove back
  • elena/yulia DEBS au
  • no-skating college au where meryl is charlie's wingwoman


  • xiubaek hawaii fic
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