• the constant ache of pining over what she can't have
  • wants to create an ephemeral invisible world with someone
  • obsession with catharsis which can prompt her to masturbation
  • withdraw into a secret world of imagination
  • dream of wicked princes who kidnap and rape her
  • rehearsed it all in her dreams
  • every experience must be carefully analyzed and the precious emotions absorbed and savored
  • feeling bad is often much better than feeling nothing at all
  • usually obsessed with unrequited love which allows her to give free rein to her latent masochism
  • words on their own can put her on the edge of orgasm
  • she answers to no law but her own
  • she can will desired objects and people into existence for her needs
  • her life is out of the ordinary
  • has a strong natural tendency to emotionally hold on to the "ghost lover" in her dreams, fantasies, and obsessions
  • happiest settling into a private world with someone
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