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one must lament this now, must feel this pain now. this is how you must love this earth so you can say “i’ve lived”...

  • i often talk about lesbophobia, if the topic is upsetting please remember me to tw!
  • i hardblock a lot of people, specially people who openly supports problematic stuff.
  • i often retweet or talk about horror movies
  • i reclaim lesbian slurs (and often say the d-slur)
  • english is not my first language! so if i say something grammatically incorrect or that doesnt make sense, please correct me but dont be a dick pls
  • i switch a lot between portuguese and english but most of the time my tweets are in portuguese!
  • if i dont tw something please let me know, im new to this type of stuff
  • please tag animal abuse, self harm, eating disorders and pedophilia.
  • let me know if i follow someone problematic!
  • sb to unf!!
sep 16 2020 ∞
sep 27 2020 +