• a mari usque ad mare: from sea to sea
  • acta non verba: deeds not words
  • ad astra per aspera: to the stars through difficulty
  • ad astra: to the stars
  • alis volat propriis: she flies with her own wings
  • amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus: love is rich with both honey and venom
  • amor fati: love of fate
  • annus mirabilis: wonderful year
  • ante bellum: before the war
  • audax at fidelis: bold but faithful
  • audentes fortuna iuva: fortune favours the bold
  • bellum omnium contra omnes: the war of all against all
  • carpe diem: seize the day
  • circulus vitiosus: vicious circle
  • disce aut discede: learn or leave
  • ductus exemplo: leadership by example
  • dulce periculum: danger is sweet
  • dum spiro spero: while i breathe i hope
  • fiat lux: let there be light
  • fluctuat nec mergitur: it is tossed by the waves but does not sink
  • fortes fortuna adiuvat: fortune favors the bold
  • graviora manent: heavier things remain
  • hoc est bellum: this is war
  • invicta: unconquered
  • memento mori: remember you must die
  • nescit cedere: he does not know how to give up
  • post tenebras lux: light after darkness
  • quos amor verus tenuit tenebit: those whom true love has held, it will go on holding
  • semper fidelis: always faithful
  • si vis amari ama: if you want to be loved, love
  • spectemur agendo: let us be judged by our acts
  • veni, vidi, vici: I came, I saw, I conquered
  • viriliter age: act courageously


  • c'est la vie: such is life


  • fitteh muh: is a popular Punjabi expression for a frustrating situation that calls for a little scolding­–perhaps accompanied by a slap upside the head.
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