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no im not kin with jimmy the robot. we just happen to share the name

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rewatching bits of doctor who (too stubborn to move on from tenth's season, though. eleventh drives me insane!)

recently saw good omens (on fathers day 2019, literally cannot stop talking about it. currently reading it. my first novel!)

very into the aquabats (first listened on may 24th, first watched supershow on may 25th) [ive heard ALL albums so far! cant wait for the new ones, and the new supershow episodes!]

vinesauce charity stream is this month...i cant stop thinking about joel's dumbass escapades..yeah its vinesauce time

mlp is ending this year! HOLY FUCK! obviously im into it right now! unfortunately missed the new episode recently. bcs i have a terrible cable service.

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funny funny stuff!

good omens, tally hall, lemon demon, vinesauce A LOT, mlp maaaybe? dont really peruse that tag very much. aquabats as much as i can, aaaand gmm MAYBE. not too into gmm but i have too many of those weirdos followed and im too lazy to clean out my following. one piece IF YOU'RE LUCKY.

things i very much so agree with, like opinions. you know. ect. the standard tumblr opinions.

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my stupid art! :D

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