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just a lesbian trying to be a weaboo in peace

rachie follows:

⇢ rachie

⇢ she/her

⇢ september 22nd (19)

⇢ lesbian

⇢ ❤︎ camryn 7.2.2018 ❤︎

⇢ film animation student in college

⇢ peachy and thunder enthusiast

⇢ shinobu lovemail extraordinaire


⇢ typical dfi criteria (homophobic, racist, etc...)

⇢ you know me irl. i only have a few exceptions. don't push it.

⇢ you frequently start discourse.

⇢ you frequently post character/ship hate.

⇢ you engage in callout culture. if i catch people doing callouts on my tl i will block.


⇢ very rt heavy

⇢ just sb if you plan on muting me

⇢ let me know if you remake since i may not always notice!

⇢ i don't tag anything. dm me if you really need something tagged.

⇢ i don't believe fiction = reality. the topic doesn't come up often but that's my warning to you on where i stand.

feb 6 2017 ∞
aug 10 2018 +