look im normally a chill person and i like to mind my own business but please oh please dont try to PERSONALLY interact with me if you're -

  • a leech (you want to get to know me just to gain art/ocs from me)
  • under 16 lmfao
  • racist, homophobic/transphobic, a nazi, a pedophile or supportive of maps, you know the drill death to all pedos (actually stay the fuck away from me)
  • a radfem, TERF or SWERF
  • into ddlg/cgl or think non sexual kinks and fetishes exist lmao
  • someone who uses slurs you cant reclaim
  • a fujoshi or someone who likes yaoi/yuri - including if you refer to gay couples as yaoi on fucking god i dont like you
  • a minor that creates nsfw content and posts it publicly like yikes thats mega gross
  • someone who ships irl people ur sick
  • someone who romanticizes abuse, self harm, or mental illness depression aint cute babe
  • someone who digs for drama and tries to start shit
  • one of those people who force their fandoms/interests on others, even when they tell you not to talk about it around them like lol piss off

please try to keep in mind that most of what i say online is a joke and i rarely ever take things too seriously

another thing to note is that you may not wanna interact with me if you're really sensitive, ive got a shitty sense of humor :^(

i also use slurs im able to reclaim, please tell me if that makes you uncomfortable, i just wont use that language around you

in all seriousness if you tell me what bothers you we wont have any issues at all

apr 25 2018 ∞
apr 24 2019 +