we're in a closed polycule where all four of us are dating each other romantically. we've been dating since around june 26 2019. we all have a house together. our canon takes place post-drb hypmic, where things are more peaceful (we're really domestic).

identity stuff!

  • i'm an agender femme who is biromantic & grey ace. i use they/them or neos (eth/eths, cele/celes, bun/buns, 4/4s)
  • ramuda is a genderqueer demigirl who is pansexual and demiromantic. she uses she/her pronouns, but doesn't care if strangers/acquaintances use any pronouns for her.
  • gentaro is an agender femme who is demiromantic & demisexual. they use they/them pronouns, and sometimes they/he pronouns.
  • dice is a bigender butch who is a lesbian. he uses exclusively he/him pronouns.
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