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Hello, this is my about and kin lists!
About: 19 year old transboy (he/him) who is Demisexual and Panromantic. Literal fandom trash and just trash in general. Cosplayer and writer since 2013. Apart of a cosplay group with some friends. Pretty accepting of everyone aside from people with generally garbage personalities.
You can also find me on Vent: SassySlytherin
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Tom follows:
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- Karkat Vantas: Homestuck (multiple timelines)

- Tom Marvolo Riddle: Harry Potter (multiple timelines)

- Sirius Black: Harry Potter au (multiple timelines)


- Tom "Mal" Marvolo Riddle: Harry Potter Descendants Crossover Au

- Adrian Black: Harry Potter au

- Salazar Slytherin: Harry Potter (multiple timelines)

- James Potter: Harry Potter au (multiple timelines)

- Dipper (Mason) Pines: Gravity Falls (multiple timelines)

- Sasuke Uchiha: Naruto (multiple timlines)

~Major Kins~

- Itachi Uchiha: Naruto (multiple timlines)

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Don't you dare follow if...

  • You are a bigot
  • You are an asshole
  • You CURRENTLY identify as a pedo/MAP/Whatever the fuck you wanna say
  • You're racist, sexist, etc
  • You're LGBT+-phobic in anyway
  • You exclude Asexuals/Aromantics from the LGBT+ community
  • You believe asexuals/aromantics are the only ones who can use the split orientation model
  • You are good friends with darkestnuisance on IG, darkestnuisance/saakala-rose/artistrose/a2k-ta-number2 on tumblr, or any of their other social media and have come here to hate on me and/or get me sucked into fucking drama
  • You are good friends with Preston/hallucinagentics/transboysprites on tumblr or any of their related social media and have ...
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~Special Interests~

- Cosplay

- Writing stories and fanfics

- Reading fanfics

- Classic cars

- Film making

- Swimming

- Hanging out with friends

~Special fandoms~

- Homestuck

- Kingdom Hearts

- Merlin

- Steven Universe

- Gravity Falls

- Camp Camp

- Doctor Who

- Harry Potter

- Voltron

- Yuri On Ice

- Death Note

- Love Stage!!

- Junjou Romantica

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Vampire Kin

  • cismale (he/him)
  • homosexual panromantic
  • I had black hair and red eyes (all Vampires did)
  • My family owned a lot of land just outside a big village
  • I believe we also had a farm that I worked on
  • My family often took in kids and teens that didn't have anyone
  • I ended up with a large crush on one of the teens we tried to take in long term
  • He would often leave for long periods of time before coming back for a few weeks or a month
  • I remember trying to convince him to stay on many ocassions
  • Since he never did, I thought he didn't like me for a while
  • I believe his name was either: Nicky, Mik...
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Kankri Vantas

  • male (he/him)
  • I wasn't celibate
  • I am not sure, nor was I ever, about my orientation
  • Quadrants: <> Porrim. <3 Cronus
  • I believe Porrim and Cronus may have both been trans
  • I was mute before going into the dream bubbles
  • I found it odd to be able to talk, so I didn't that much
  • We played the game
  • I believe Porrim was dating either Meenah or Aranea
  • I remember having a sort of writing tablet thing so I could talk to people
  • I was use sign language to talk with Meulin and Kurloz though
  • Cronus eventually learned so I could speak with him that way as well
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Galekh Xigisi

  • cismale (he/him)
  • Ace/Aro
  • I preferred pale and ashen quadrants
  • Quadrants: <> Cirava Hermod. <3< Ardata Carmia
  • I kind of felt love was a waste of time - saw lots of people get heart broken over it and chase after the other person for long periods of time
  • I was a huge blabber mouth
  • I was constantly researching and learning new things, no matter what it was with no reason as to why other than I wanted to know everything I possibly could
  • Despite feeling red relations were dumb, I had a huge heart for my friends and moirail no matter what
  • I was also really close with Lynera Skalbi and Tyzias Entykk
  • I remember Lynera being really motherly (...
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Merlin - main timeline

  • cismale (he/him)
  • gay
  • Most things are the same as source except Guinevere chose Lancelot (from the beginning)
  • Arthur and I were a couple and kept in on the D.L until Uther's death (which didn't break Arthur up quite as much as source and I didn't try to stop with magic)
  • Soon after Arthur became king, I confided in him that I had magic which he had already figured out ("guess I wasn't too good at keeping that a secret, huh?")
  • Arthur and I ruled together and lifted the ban on magic
  • I believe we may have adopted kids?
  • After the magic ban was lifted, Morgana was no longer an enemy but things didn't go right back to how they were before
  • I believe I was the court warlock
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Max Gray

  • cismale (he/him)
  • Aro/Ace
  • So far, I remember everything the same as source
  • Though, Lexi, Mason, Matt, and I all got along better
  • I remember trying to stay out of drama by reading books and pretending I couldn't hear them
  • I will try to update when I remember more

(Feel free to contact me if anything sounds familiar)

  • Qadir
  • cismale (he/him)
  • Aro/Ace
  • Most things were the same as source
  • Except I wasn't as tyrannous and just wanted people to notice and care about me
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~Major Kin Feels~

- Salazar Andrews: PJO au

- Bon: Blue Exorcist

~Medium Kin Feels~

- Someone from Black Butler

- Someone from Voltron

- Someone from Once Upon A Time

- "Naru" Shibuya: Ghost Hunt

- Kenai: Brother Bear 1 and Brother Bear 2

- Ethan or Benny: My Babysitter's A Vampire

- Tsukune Aono: Rosario Vampire

~Low Kin Feels~

- Izuku Midoriya: BNHA

- Bakugo Katsuki: BNHA


- Youji Itami: Gate (may be a kin)

[@Death Let Me Do Some Soul Searching Blease]

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Sam Winchester

  • cismale (he/him)
  • Bi
  • Most things were the same
  • I didn't drink demons blood
  • Dean didn't take the mark of cane, I don't think
  • I will try to update when I remember more

(If anything sounds familiar, feel free to contact me)


  • cismale (he/him)
  • gay
  • Everything was the same as source
  • Except I was more helpful and nicer towards the Winchesters
  • I will update when I remember more

(Feel free to contact me if anything sounds familiar)

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<3 Harry Potter x2

Wriggling day is 1999-09-19

Transmale (he/him)

Demisexual Panromantic

Huge Trashcan

Cosplayer since 2013

Writer since 2013

QPP I wish

I am an Heir of Passion (time/blood/heart)

I dream on both prospit and derse, though I may be more awake on one than the other on different days

Slytherpuff FTW!

Patronus is a wolf!

Hawthorn wood, phoenix feather, 12 1/2 inches, slightly flexible wand >.<

Kin asshole

SasuNaru FTW! Always!

  • Too many other ships to mention

Suklin Renien (Fantroll) - About

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Karkat Vantas - main timeline

  • cismale (he/him)
  • Hella gay
  • Quadrants: <> with Tavros, Aradia, Eridan, and Gamzee. (TW Selfcest) <3 with Kankri (<3 with Dave previously but it didn't work out). Facilitating feelings for John (pale and black) but they were never acted upon
  • My Kankri was a transboy
  • He was the literal cutest and ended up dropping his celibacy vows for me
  • I hung out with Tavros, Aradia, and Terezi when we were younger. I didn't start hanging out with Eridan until we were older, after an incident with Feferi
  • I have 3 vivid memories talking to Tavros, Vriska and either Eridan, Kankri, or Dave
  • I remember something happened (not sure what exactly) between Terezi and I to make...
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Ash Ketchum

  • cismale (he/him)
  • Not sure on orientation
  • Everything is the same as the anime - or mostly
  • I mostly remember things from the B&W series and the Sun and Moon series
  • I remember hugging or trying to hug Pikachu whenever he got mind controlled by Team Plasma
  • I remember staying in touch with N throughout both of our journeys
  • I believe I had Charizard stay with me until I went to the Alolan Islands
  • I don't remember getting any older - my mom and Professor Oak were the first to notice and point it out (it wasn't just about my maturity either)
  • Eventually all of my friends figured it out as well - probably the only science experiment that N approved of as he was cur...
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  • cismale (he/him)
  • Pan
  • I looked like source
  • I believe everything that happened in Birth By Sleep was the same
  • Sora and Riku got together in my canon
  • Since I was fused with Sora's heart, I got some feelings for Riku and some platonic feelings for Sora's friends despite never meeting them
  • I believe Sora and I were able to "unfuse" from each other eventually
  • I really miss Terra and Aqua - they were like A++ substitute parents
  • I will try to update when I remember more

(Not much to go on, but please contact me if any of this sounds familiar)


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(This is for sources where I only have one kin and one timeline for)

Mildred (Miles) Hubble

  • transmale (he/him)
  • Possibly hetero or bi
  • Miss Cackles was for boys and girls
  • I came to school after starting to transition, so I was seen as a boy
  • Ethel offered her magic up for the foundation stone instead but the stone took 13 generations from her instead of taking her magic (not the whole family, just her line)
  • Everything else was pretty much the same
  • I will try to update when I remember

(If anything sounds familiar, please contact me)

Nico Di Angelo

  • cismale (he/him)
  • gay
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Dipper (Mason) Pines - main timeline

  • transmale (he/him)
  • Pan, up for poly
  • Super close with Mabel!
  • She was the first to know of my gender identity and got me to come out to everyone else
  • Everyone was super supportive of me
  • Despite Grunkle Stan calling me weak sometimes, he never made me feel like anything but a boy
  • I never liked Wendy as anything but a friend, though I thought she was super inspiring and hella cool
  • Grunkle Ford was my favourite Grunkle, but I did like to kick back with Grunkle Stan and Mabel from time to time
  • Bill wasn't nearly as evil as in source and I believe he got stuck as a human after Weirdmageddon and learned to be a somewhat decent human being
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~Assigned Kin~

- Dave Strider: Homestuck

- Sokka: Avatar The Last Airbender

- George Weasley: Harry Potter

- Fred Weasley: Harry Potter

- Castiel: Supernatural

- Sherlock Holmes: BBC Sherlock

- Stitch: Lilo & Stitch

- Flint Lockwood: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

- Jack Frost: Rise Of The Guardians

- Jacob Kawalski: FB&WTFT

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~Kin related~

  • Hiccup (HTTYD)
  • Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
  • Sollux Captor (Homestuck)
  • Cecil (Welcome To NightVale)
  • Kevin (Welcome To NightVale)
  • Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
  • Human!Mituna Captor (Homestuck Humanstuck)
  • Kankri Vantas (Homestuck)
  • Max (Camp Camp)
  • Merlin (BBC Merlin)
  • Hogwarts!Merlin (BBC Merlin)
  • Young!Sirius Black (Harry Potter)
  • Young!James Potter (Harry Potter)
  • Adrian Black (Harry Potter au)
  • Abel Black (Harry Potter au)
  • Soul "Eater" Evans (Soul Eater)
  • Tom Riddle (Harry Potter)
  • Salazar Slytherin (Harry Potter)
  • Masquerade!Salazar Slytherin (Harry Potte...
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{I have more timelines than listed, but I haven't gotten around to adding them and I'm still kind of trying to sort out what memories are from what}

Tom Riddle (main timeline)

  • cismale (he/him)
  • pretty fucking gay mate
  • I was an orphan like source
  • Harry, Ginny, Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, and Sirius go back in time to my fifth year to save me from myself but because they do that, two like consciousnesses are made of me - one of Voldemort and one of just Tom aka me
  • Because of this, I was not Voldemort and had none of those memories
  • Harry and I fell for each other in like a year - year and a half, possibly less
  • I remember being afraid of death - though embarrassing now since I'm not afraid of anything anymore haha
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dec 6 2018 +

James Potter - main timeline

  • cismale (he/him)
  • Pan or Bi
  • Not as much of a douche as source
  • Year one - instantly became good friends with Pete, Remus, and Sirius. A little bit later we became friends with Lily, though she didn't really appreciate our pranks ("they were great!")
  • Year Two - we became closer to Lily as well as somewhat friends with Severus. He felt our pranks were childish ("but they were all in good fun!")
  • Year Three - I started to develop a crush on Lily. The other Marauders and I started to create the Marauders Map. By the end of the year, the map was nearly complete. I learned about Sirius' abusive parents this year as well. I owled my parents about the situation - to Sirius' dismay.
  • Summer between Year 3 and Year 4 - (TW ab...
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oct 21 2018 +

Robotic Peridot

  • transmale (he/him)
  • Bi
  • I was in a poly with Lapis and Jasper
  • I was trans buddies with Lars
  • Best friends with Steven, Amethyst, and Connie
  • Good friends with Pearl, Garnet, and Sadie
  • We fought monsters and aliens
  • I wasn't fully robotic, I just had a robotic arm (it's just easier to desc me and this canon)
  • I will try to update when I remember

(If this sounds familiar, please contact me)

CG Peridot - main timeline

  • Genderless (he/they)
  • I was dating Lapis
  • I didn't get along with Pearl at first bu...
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  • cismale (he/him)
  • gay?
  • I was in love with Diego before I met Carlos
  • (TW abuse mention) What I mostly remember about Diego is him mentally and emotionally abusive towards me. Which is why I was jealous of Cecil when I got to meet and talk to Carlos (since he was truly the most perfect husband). The main way Diego would mentally and emotionally abuse me is by making me smile all the time, no matter what. If he caught me not smiling for any length of time, he would often not talk to me for weeks on end or make me do things to make up for it. Though I can never remember him ever truly smiling himself aside from an evil grin here and there.
  • I vaguely remember working at the Desert ...
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The Master

  • cismale (he/him)
  • Pan
  • Everything was pretty much the same except (TW possible spoilers) the thing on the ship with Bill didn't happen (she didn't die and I don't believe Missy or I did either)
  • I don't remember anything from being Missy honestly, everything is from before that
  • When The Doctor and I was younger, our relationship was complicated and our feelings facilitated between romantic and platonic
  • I will try to update when I remember more

(Feel free to contact me if anything sounds familiar)

Adrian Winchester

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Rei Kagene

  • cismale (he/him)
  • gay?
  • I vaguely remember singing with everyone
  • I mostly sang with Rui and Miku
  • I don't remember for sure if I dated anyone, but I believe I may have and they were non-canon
  • I remember I used to walk to and from the recording studio with Rui and Miku
  • I will try to update when I remember more

(Feel free to contact me if anything sounds familiar)

Gakupo Kamui

  • cismale (he/him)
  • gay
  • I sang with Len, Rin, Miku, and alone the most
  • Miku and I hung out often
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~Minor Kin Feels~

- Rei Kagene - Vocaloid

- Professor March: The Magicians

- Qadir: Broken Realm

- Vriska Serket: Homestuck

- Human!Meulin Leijon: Humanstuck au

- Human!Feferi Piexes: Humanstuck au

- Feferi Piexes: Homestuck

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