• This One's For You by mayangel7
  • A Heart Full of Love by psharp10
  • A Strange Denial of Feelings by saddendays
  • Avoir le mal de quelqu’un by lucelucetaliena
  • And When It’s Right by acastle
  • Come and Kiss Me Like The First Time by Carcharias
  • Play, Play, Play by geewizkhalifa
  • Detention by deerandbunny
  • Youforia by frankoceanic
  • You’re Just Like Christmas Day by kyoongs
  • Just Until the Wind and Rain Passes by suhoneymod
  • Love After Love by ailiblue
  • Just Fucking Rain and Get It Over With by xiuchens
  • 'Twas My Own Heart by mayangel7
  • The Romance of Falling Snow by drainbamage954
  • Birthday Boy! by blooming_days
  • We're Close Friends (We Pretend to Not Have Feelings) by psharp10
  • The Boyfriend Tag by laughingvirus
  • Empires at War by kojafras
  • Difficult Protection by subduedblue
  • Soda Pop, Soda Pop by skyroll
  • Farewell by tiny_estrella
  • Wake Me Up (Wake Me Up Inside) by galestrikes
  • Polarize by yoongimin
  • Thrill Me, Fulfill Me by kyungshio


  • Kim Family Traditional Spring Break Road Trip by Aristotaeles
  • Caramel Cream by flamefics
  • You Stole My Heart, I Want It Back by layyniicorn
  • Lucky Strike by pricklyteeth
  • Fanservice by joonmyeonie
  • Dancing My Way Into Your Heart by kyoongs
  • Day 3: Frosty the Snowman (Cliché Days of Christmas Series) by Hapkido9061
  • Day 7: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Cliché Days of Christmas Series) by Hapkido9061
  • Safe as Life by orphan_account
  • You Win by SilverSickle30304
  • Top Shelf (Dorm Room Shenanigans series) by GinForInk
  • Flustering and Flattering by peachyblush
  • Simple Touches by peachyblush
  • How to Break a Curse by felisselita
  • You're Captain Speaking by kkamjongbunny
  • 30 Days of Coffee by eclecticat
  • Sticky Sweet by zhangsyixing
  • Duodenary by leftfoottrapped


  • The Dancer on a Red String by fictiournal
  • An Appointment with Dr. Suho by fictiournal
  • Sweet Dreams by fictiournal
  • When Love Steals In by lotusk
  • If I Get to Your Heart Soon, I’ll Call A Perfect Afternoon by airplanewishes
  • Camera (Shy) by curledupkitten


  • Looks, Proximity, Power by diphylleia
  • Etched and Bruised by acastle
  • And It Echoes a Spark by acastle
  • One Six Zero by acastle


  • Would You Be My Love? by kyoongs
  • (Yesterday Until Never-Ending) Forever by amaxingbaek (Part 1 of YUN Series)
  • Selca is the Answer by allbiaswrecked
  • (Make It Up) As We Go Along by airplanewishes
  • All These Places Feel Like Home by airplanewishes
  • Under False Pretenses by tatoeba
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