• If you mention alcohol or drugs, please tag if you can? They're mild triggers.
  • If you need something tagged, let me know.
  • I do like blood and candy-gore. But I most likely won't post it publicly just to be on the safe-side.
  • I prefer not to be called the Q word. I know lots of LGBT people do, but I do not. Please don't refer to me as such.
  • I stim A LOT. I don't know why but it helps me w/ an array of things. Maybe bc I have high levels of anxiety. Am fidgety (Not diagnosed w/ anything else, so I dunno why I do this) --- I especially like to chew on things, it's my favourite. Foot/hand tapping is a close second. I also like to gently touch stuff (like my face and hair) and sniff stuff (even if it doesn't have a scent).
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