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"Let's go to heaven" - Tengoku e Ikou

"Trial, it is the death of me. I think I'll lose my mind in hysteria"

"This is the end of us, sleeping with the moon and the stars"

"She was always there, the girl went ahead and died. Even if you ask the FBI you'll never know her message"

"Hold me until my ribs make a cracking sound and break"!! (i'd like someone to hold me like this heheheh)

"A misty memory, a haunting face, is she a lost embrace?"

"Lately I've been crying like a tall child so please, hurry leave me, I can't breathe"

"It's not a phase mom please listen. She was always alone the girl went ahead and died"

"I look up at the gaps of sunlight, I miss you more than anything."

"A sense of guilt I can't deny"

"This doesn't feel like the right place and we'll try anything just to be a kid once again"

"And I don't need anyone but sometimes I miss your stupid face"

"It was a starry night you look so horrified, dance with a kitchen knife beautiful suicide"

"Say you're good, say you're fine. Tell em everythings alright"!

"Let's sing a duet that will let us sleep with ease. sing it, sing it, sing with me! Lonely child. you're a useless useless useless child, you're the most useless child in the world."

"She's evil most definitely."

"Hold my head under the bath and breathe away, slit my wrists and watch that blood evaporate"

"This may become a little brutal if I'm honest, But it's any-anything for you my dear, I promise"

"Everyone will come, everyone will yell. I'd thank you just the same if you didn't tell. My mother says that I will surely go to hell, please be a good man, please say you won't tell"

"But the other woman will always cry herself to sleep, the other woman will never have his love to keep. And as the years go by, the other woman will spend her life alone"

"We fear how we feel inside it may seem a little crazy, pretty baby but I promise, momma's gon' be alright. And if you ask me too daddy's gonna buy you a Mockingbird Ima give you the world" (issues go brbrbrbrrrr)

"And I am the idiot with the painted face in the corner, taking up space but when he walks in, I am loved, I am loved"

"I know I'm young but my mind is well beyond my years, I knew this wouldn't last but fuck you don't you leave me here"

"I want to be torn apart excruciatingly. I punish my body cause it's not good enough for me. The scary thoughts are spreading like a weed. The thoughts that say that I deserve to bleed. They say that it gets better but I guess that was a lie. I guess we all just fake it till we die"


"I feel fear for the very last time"

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