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hi hi!! im ren i like to babble about shit and i love writing aus and ocs! i got a dozen interests! i like ta draw and ive got a few consistent series i like:
- haikyuu, jjba, yowapeda, gakuen babysitters, enstars, kny! ☆☆

things i like a lot also: kurobasu, beastars, fire force, tbhk

ren follows:

team and positions and piss stuff

  • akashi— captain, setter
  • midorima— outside hitter and middle blocker
  • aomine— opposite hitter
  • kise— right side hitter
  • murasakibara— middle blocker
  • kuroko— libero

shit that isnt positions

  • known for their solid all round defence and attack, although their attacks have always been more notable because most of their players specialise in attack or have specialised offence
  • their secret,, sort of weapon is kuroko because should the ball fail to be blocked, he’ll receive and keep it in the air. additionally his lack of presence means his passes are still often overlooked and their opponents will fail to notice how the ball got to their spikers
  • instead of 3 pointers midorima has like,, consecutive service aces. everyone in the GoM has scary serves but like UwU
  • for the 3 years that they attended teiko, they won first place for every nationals tournament
  • for 3 years straight akashi received the best setter award
  • since this au involves 5 players on the court instead of 6, basically uhh yea kuroko gets subbed in a lot and they rotate in order to maximise kuroko’s potential if u get me
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