• you qrt a lot of other people's drama / arguing / fanwars
    • that tweet that goes u ppl will find the most annoying ppl in the world and instead of just blocking them u will qrt them onto MY tl
  • you're a btspopper ???
    • i don't think any could find this account though. if you did how are you here
  • you stan nct 127 / wayv
    • i am a jaded ex-czennie and only really care about dream + a handful of other members sorry


  • i basically use this account as a pseudo main these days so i tweet about a wide variety of bullshit (see lists of interests)
  • this account was originally my wip priv though so i do post and talk about poetry / rpf / other writing here sometimes
  • i am very bad at opening up to people at first on my own ;; but if you initiate interaction with me a few times eventually i'll feel comfortable enough to reciprocate
    • i am also very good at convincing myself that people hate me for no good reason so if i suddenly pull back it's probably a me problem sorry
  • the way i talk is very long-winded and therefore my tweets get very long-winded as well whoops
  • also i talk about my personal kpop / fic takes sometimes! i don't think they're that mean. just a little bitchy. but as a heads up!

other than that:

  • if we're mutuals on @ssamdarling feel free to req!
  • even if we're not mutuals, if you somehow find this account from a common friend you can probably req too T____T
  • other than the above dnf i am not really picky about who is on here
    • if you pass whatever arbitrary vibe check i run on your profile then i'll probably let you in
  • sb-ing is fine at all times! if you want to tell me why you can but idrc either way
may 10 2021 ∞
jun 29 2021 +