• we were walking down the stairs as he held my hand, then turned around and looked me in the eyes
  • we were sleeping and he said he was feeling cold and asked me to get closer to him, then i fell asleep on his chest. which somehow felt so real
      • he was there. just there. and it felt nice
    • i think i saw him last night
  • we were babysitting together and it was adorable
      • he visited me at home wearing his golden sunglasses and his silk clear blue shirt
    • he was beautiful. he had his silk brown hair. they were messy. he was so beautiful. and we were so in love
  • i think he held me last night
      • he was here with his little puppy and they were the cutest as they played together
    • he was trying to speak french as we were in a dark room and he was playing with the lights and he said "c'est beau" and smiled at me softly
  • we were having a dinner party and he was sitting in front of me and we kept looking at each other shyly
      • they posted a pic and his chest was looking beautiful
    • we were walking down the beach as he held my hand
  • pretty sure i saw him last night
      • i was first row at a show and he kept looking at me
    • he asked me to give him a haircut in a cute french accent he was so cute i love him
  • he was singing a song in which he said je t'aime and he was looking at me while doing so
      • out pets were playing together and they were so adorable
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