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WORKING ON MOVING BACK TO A CARRD!! || Last Updated: 2/25/19 || Icons from NiGHTS comic! || BG by @captainsartlog on Tumblr!

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Stuff I'm currently keeping up with! For interests overall, those can be found in my links (Masterani, Mangadex, Steam)!

★ Anime: Bang Dream (S1&2), Black Lagoon, Endro~!, Kemono Friends (S2), The Magnificent Kotobuki, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Virtual-san wa Miteiru

☆ Cartoons: Villainous

★ Comics: N/A

☆ Games: 1bitheart, Art Sqool, BanG Dream, Fate/, Idolmaster, The Isle, Touhou, Yakuza 0

★ Manga: Hell Warden Higuma, Ne0;lation

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