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Not 17. Not 18.
Now 19. Well, chronologically.

"But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!'' -Alice, Alice in Wonderland

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  • a doctor (a pulmonologist, a cardiologist, a cardiologist) - of course i never really understood then that before you become an actual doctor, the learning process involves examining the anatomy of a frog to the anatomy of a corpse.
  • a senator - my mother certainly did not see my potential in student council leadership so I have not quite stressed this enough. but i've always liked the idea of great women in the senate.
  • an astronaut - I was fascinated by astronomy and wanted to work for NASA. I've put this ambition on hold until the time comes when they have devised a special aircraft/transportation device that allows the travel to different planets/solar systems/galaxies without the need for intense space training. which brings us to...
  • Padmé Amidala - I politely disagree with people saying that this ambition is pathetic. what with all the technological advancements we have now, it is possible that in a few years time research scientists will discover an unknown planet/solar system/galaxy. or aliens could visit me here (in peace) and take me to their planet where I would rule as queen. obviously, i watched too much Star Wars as a kid. I never really liked sci-fi stuff, with the exemption of George Lucas' greatest masterpiece. I loved Padmé's gorgeous wardrobe, Naboo is a beautiful planet to live in, and the fact that I get to marry some hot jedi dude with an awesome name (Anakin Skywalker, duh) is just perfect.
  • a model - seriously. as superficial as it might sound, i'd like to defend myself by saying that every female adolescent goes through the I-want-to-be-a-model phase.
  • a poet - when I was 11 years old, I remember waiting in line before getting to class and writing poems about everyday experiences. of course as i grew older, writing prose seemed a lot more appealing. and while I don't consider it as a career prospect now, i still write poems, but not as frequent as before.
  • a photographer - this was a few months before the photography thing ever became a big hit. I was looking at fashion editorials and all I ever wanted to do then was make the same stuff as the photographers do. I guess this'll never work out as a career seeing as I have less than 20% photography knowledge than expected. I suppose I could move on by learning photography stuff in the meantime and figuring out how to do photoshop.


  • an actress - obviously, this is still part of my ambitions. I've loved Julie Andrews my entire life and I was a slave to The Sound of Music's infectious tunes. the first play I have ever watched where I am truly conscious the entire show was The Beauty and The Beast. I loved it to bits! Now, I would like to pursue a career in musical theater (but I guess I have to get lessons first), otherwise I would also like to be on a song-and-dance TV show (like Dianna Agron's Glee) or film (like Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, and Julie Andrews).
  • a writer - of a book, to a magazine, etc. writing has always been my first love and it's never going away.
  • a magazine editor - of course. this has to be the most obvious one.
  • a painter - one of my close friends in High School is a really good artist and her doodles made me want to try art myself. i still have yet to know which medium to use because i suck at watercolour. i don't see getting an income from painting, but i do see myself pursuing this as a hobby.
  • a voice talent - you know those people who do voice-overs for cartoon characters? yeah, like them. my ambition is to voice a character on Disney's Phineas and Ferb
  • a radio/disc jock - this is after the i-met-jessica-and-andi9 phase. my parents love to listen to the radio in the car while on the road and that's probably the reason why i know a lot of songs from their generation. i just thought it would be cool to become a host without ever having to physically humiliate yourself seeing as they don't see you on radio. hosting a podcast also seems very interesting and could come as close to being a DJ.
  • Logan Lerman's other half - yes! yes! YES PLEASE! (fake faints and then rises up again with a smile ear-to-ear)
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