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welcome to shart dungeon!! i might just treat this as my infodump thing if you want the whole introduce yourself just look at my txti

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  • naruto, evangelion, haikyuu, demon slayer, run with the wind, hxh, bsd, violet evergarden, mp100, code geass, devilman crybaby, food wars, attack on titan, one piece


  • jujutsu kaisen, blue period, chainsaw man, vanitas no carte, witch hat atelier, beastars, tokyo ghoul, the promised neverland, jigokuraku, seasons of blossom, nana, dorohedoro


  • orv, tgcf, little mushroom, mo du, fake slackers, guo men, aristotle and dante, the song of achilles, the poppy war trilogy, the seven husbands of evelyn hugo, she who became the sun, the atlas six, ace of spades, on earth we are briefly gorgeous, one last stop (more on goodreads)


  • brooklyn nine nine, sex education, alice in borderland, move to heaven, law school
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