• Hi I'm Missy!
  • This part 3273289132 of my ongoing love/mostly hate relationship with carrd
  • 21 || white || she/her || bi
  • Ur local Valentia enthusiast! Won't shut up about fe15!
  • Curious cat | Main twitter|Art blog
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  • mutuals can ask for discord!
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jun 21 2019 +

Now that I made a FE box I don't know what to say actually.

Quite literally FE15 focused. It's all I talk about majority of the time. Valentia's hoe :pensive:

Have played FE8-FE15 (in short the only fes i havent touched are Elibe and Jugdral)

Occasionally mention Archanea. Stan fe12!

I RT most of the fes though

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may 19 2019 +

1) If I follow you and you're not into FE im sorry for the way i live (i just want more non fe stuff)

2) Breaking mutual=ok.

3) I'm of age but please dont discuss NSFW things with me, especially if we're not in mutuals. jokes are fine but I don't want to get into who tops/bottoms etc. convos

4) Pls dont take it personally if I dont follow back...I'm really shy && bad @ following back. Keep this in mind if you try to follow me with the intention of me following u back in like 2 days

5) Don't call me sis or girl if we're not friends (queen & miss is fine)

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jun 27 2019 +

A lot of people dont read these so imma skip the "dont follow if ur a shit person" part

SO! DFI if you ship incest (includes corrin/azura, corrin/royal sibs, sothe/micaiah, and other incest pairs im not aware of)

That's my bare minimum byf im so tired

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jun 19 2019 +
  • Currently playing : FE7
  • On hold : Ace Attorney trilogy replay & twewy

Interests (I talk about these sometimes)

  • Ace attorney (AA1-AA6 + AAI-AAI2)
  • Bravely default (more about BD than B2ND but)
  • Kirby
  • Pokemon

Others (occasional appearances but I don't really talk about it)

  • Animal crossing
  • Ghost trick (stan missile!)
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jun 27 2019 +

Just a list of games i wanna play/get into for my own reference

  • zero escape
  • professor layton
  • night in the woods
  • DGS of AA
  • oh fuck this was supposed to be longer i forgot everything

Will be getting into

  • TWEWY (after i finish octopath)
jun 12 2019 ∞
jun 12 2019 +