NOT A THREE HOUSES ACCOUNT I REPEAT....I AM NOT A THREE HOUSES ACCOUNT!!!! please don't follow me expecting me to talk about 3h. because I don't. here's a twit where i do talk about 3h though !

CEO of loving sylvianne (sylvain/marianne). It's the only thing you'll hear out of me in terms of of 3H

Quite literally FE15 focused. It's all I talk about majority of the time. I really don't know why you would follow me if you don't like FE15.

Ram kid enthusiast! Also really like femslash...may i offer some sov femslash goods

Have played FE8-FE16 (in short the only fes i havent touched are Elibe and Jugdral)

Occasionally mention Archanea. Stan fe12!

sep 12 2018 ∞
oct 7 2019 +